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A Testimony from Lisa B.

Two years ago I sat on my rolling stool in the gym at work  treating my patient.  I wanted to immediately get up and help him, but I found it was very challenging  for me to pop up and jog over to him.  I was appalled at myself.  I am a physical therapist (PT) and I was unable to do what I expected my patient to do.  I was 54 and out of shape.  I wasn’t doing horribly compared to many other 54 year olds, but I felt my flexibility and strength had diminished over the years.  I immediately began searching for a place to workout.  I don’t like big gyms for various reasons and, I eventually found the perfect place for me.  MODE 8 was and is the PERFECT place to rehabilitate these old bones and muscles!  The staff is impressively VERY knowledgable about anatomy and physiology.  The combination of HIIT cardio kickboxing and yoga is very unique, challenging and effective.  This is not your typical gym; it is more of a studio.  The workouts target every area of the body:  the mind/brain, muscles, joints, balance, cardio, flexibility, strength . If I’m unable to do everything in the workouts,  modifications are shown to me. The staff are always motivating, encouraging, and most importantly fun.  There’s no guilt, body shaming, or negativity.  Only positivity, encouragement  and consistency.  I can now pop off the stool and jog over to my patient.   Lisa L. Battles, PT

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