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Mode 8 Yoga 
Yoga Teacher Training

3 Week Immersive 

January 2024 

13th - 28th 

weekends only

Elevate with a Mode 8 
Teacher Training

Enroll in Teacher Training
Call 512-981-5571 for more information about the program or fill out the form below.

See you on the mats soon!


50 Hour Mode 8 
Teacher Training

Want to deepen your yoga practice?

Learn more about yourself?

Interested in teaching at Mode 8 Yoga and Fitness?


Our 3 Week Immersive Program in Peace Flow, Warm Flow, Hot Thunder, Lightning, with the Baron Baptiste method.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to continue your education, we have the instructor training that will fit your needs. 

This program is not recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

The Details:

M8TT 50

3 Week Immersive Training

Week 1 

Saturday and Sunday 

 2-8 pm 

Week 2 September 8th

Saturday and Sunday 

 2-8 pm 

week 3

Saturday and Sunday 

 2-8 pm 

Tuition $499

Paid in full prior to first day of class. 

Text if you need a payment plan. 

Early Bird Pricing Now $399!

Reveal the essence of being a teacher

MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS is the yoga of frequency. If you hear the calling of your awakening awareness to go on a journey from which you will return with the ability to share your gifts with the world; this course offers you such a journey. Allow yourself to apply it as a practitioner, and to master it as a teacher.

This course will qualify you to become a professional, MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS teacher. It will give you the theory and the experience needed to be able to share this method wherever you are. It will support you in becoming the teacher as you are meant to be.


This training is for you

This training is offered to you as a staycation, where we can practice our daily lives, while. diving deeper into the teachings of MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS and to experience a yoga-fitness lifestyle. This is a touching healing journey which supports a profound shift of habits and perspectives of the world and of yourself. The dedicated team and the wonderful location will allow you to immerse yourself into this empowering, transformational, life changing process.

This level 1 training is for anyone; with a long history of yoga practice or very little experience, at any age (over 18), any phase of life, any profession, location, or situation.


Become a professional certified MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS Instructor

Deepen your experience and understanding of MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS

Bring MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS to your daily life and to your environment

Spend quality time with a devoted group of people

100% attendance is requested (zoom available). Please advise with Studio Manager for makeup days. 

We will meet promptly at delegated times.

Trainers & Support Team: This training involves a deep transformational process. You will receive the guidance of the trainers and support of the team. Together with the group energy, it will allow an authentic learning experience to occur.

Meet your Instructors: 

Christine Giana

Christine is the owner and founder of Mode 8 Yoga and Fitness. She is moved by yoga and how it can heal the body and spirit. She teaches a blend of different lineages of yoga and is dedicated to her service, to hold a yogic integrity on all levels. She is a loving, caring and compassionate teacher with an amazing capacity to direct, guide and uplift others.

Tara Ratner

Tara is a passionate yoga instructor here at Mode 8. She took her first yoga class at Mode 8 4 years ago, and was hooked. She completed her YTT online through the pandemic and created powerful yoga sequences since. Tara is is passionate and creates a space for yogis to truly find themselves. She is kind, a dedicated yoga teacher with an amazing ability to inspire others to love yoga as much as she does. 





“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master it, teach it!” — Yogi Bhajan

Training Structure


Part 1

Locate Yourself

  • History of Yoga

  • Yogic Philosophy - Eight Limbs

  • Yogic anatomy and the chakra system

  • Spiritual development

  • Choices of habits and yogic lifestyle

  • Sadhana – commitment to a daily practice

Part 2

The Teaching Lab

  • Transition from student to teacher

  • Understand the role of the teacher:
    – roles and responsibilities
    – the code of ethics

  • Experience teaching in The Teaching Lab
    – Prana and Pranayama -Breathwork
    – Sound and Mantra - Sound Bowls

       – Mode 8 Hot Thunder Sequence

       – The Mode 8 Lightning Training Sequence

       – Warm Flow Sequences

       – Renew Sequences

Part 3

Learn to learn

  • Required Reading Review

  • Demo 2 Thunder Classes

  • Demo 2 of Lighting Classes

  • Demo 2 Flow Classes

  • Demo 2 Renew

  • Course review

  • Final Exam (must make an 80% or better to teach at M8) 

Certification & Requirements

Upon successful completion of the training you receive the “MODE 8 YOGA AND FITNESS Level 1” – Instructor certificate which qualifies you as a teacher including in class instruction and internet listings and other professional benefits.



  • Attendance via zoom/ in person participation in all modules (absence of more than 20% may result in a student completing the course by attendance at a future Teacher Training program, but not longer than 2 years)

  • Timely payment of all course fees Payment Plans must be paid in full before start of class

  • Satisfactory teaching practice assessment

  • 80% or better grade on the written exam

  • Submission of all course material due the day of Exam.

  • Course and trainer evaluation feedback

  • Upholding the teachers code of conduct

  • Core Classes include: Thunder, Lightning, Renew, and Warm, and Peace Flow



$399 Early Bird special, $499 Regular Price which includes: course fee, registration deposit, certification fee (paid before Jan13th, 2023).

Excluding approximately $80 in Textbooks. 

Cancellation Policy

Limited time only. Non refundable. Level One Mode 8 Teacher Training.



Contact Information

Christine Giana:

Text "Yoga Teacher Training" 512-981-5571 for more info


Yes I want to become apart of the Mode 8 Team!

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