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The Art of Discipline

Art of Discipline

Rhythm of life begins within. Life is a constant journey there are many unknowns and that alone can keep you thriving.

We all go about our days and have many routines, but from time to time we must pause to take a breather and sustain from the normality of daily tasks. There are shifts in life whether positive or negative where with either fate must guide the way to keep our mental and physical strength going. Having a routine is a must, but it can also keep new opportunities at bay. New opportunities can add value to the existing routine. At the same time, we cannot add value to growth if we keep new possibilities away from our daily lives.

Erika Halweil is a yoga teacher who has always practiced yoga from many levels to help keep up with life’s journey. Yoga can be a type of mental purification where the willingness to utilize the body, breath, and mind can come together with ease.

Yoga assists with overcoming hurdles in life, and it serves a tool of being mindful when life challenges keep us muddled. To win the challenge battle every time we can conquer life by mastering the art of being calm through any situation. Yoga helps with that.

If we can come together on a consistent basis through a mindful discipline, with the mind and body we all will conquer everything that arrives in life whether it is positive or not so positive. Stay true to the practice.

Halweil, Erika. “The art of discipline”. Yoga Journal May. 2018: 12-16

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