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Just Add Crystals

Different color crystals represent different energy for every person and every environment. Everyone faces all levels of challenges from time to time, so to overcome we must first create a balance. First, understand the process of knowing how to utilize the resources for balancing.

For example, Kyanite (the crystal) can help with emotional healing such as creating energy, self destruction, negative self talk. The Kyanite crystal helps with perseverance, fairness, and discernment.

We all can strive through all changes so it is vital through every action that we persevere with grace and power, where energy. To be able to balance both can do wonders, and with the Kyanite crystal energy and power both can do wonders.

With The Amethyst Crystal, it can create a sense of self control, where every person is in control of their destiny!

At the same time we must feel the passion of growth and sustain the leverage of energy of the crystal and being able to incorporate it into day to day practice.

There are various types of crystals to explore and become accustomed to which types may benefit each person's desires. It will take its course of getting used but the benefits are limitless!

Bring crystals to your mat, the next time you practice yoga, and see how the body changes!

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Brown,Jennifer. “Just Add Crystals” Yoga Journal May. 2018: 33-39

Yoga Assists Page #33-38

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