Detox. The Process of Cleansing and Restoration

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We want to show you how to gently prepare yourself for detox, how to purify your body of the toxins that zap your natural energy and how to restore and renew your body!

Signs of toxic overload could be, dry blotchy skin, headaches, lack of energy, joint pain or generally feeling lack of energy, generally feeling under the weather. These may all be signs of your body has more toxins that it can handle. If this is you keep reading, you could benefit from giving yourself a good clean out.

Detoxing will help regulate sleep patterns and boost emotional well-being. It will increase vitality and with proper nutrition aids in weight loss.

The goal of a detox program is to reduce the workload of the digestive system, enabling it to perform more efficiently and to stimulate the parts of our bodies that are responsible for cleansing and elimination.

Let's Create an Internal Detox

It is important to look after the mind as well as the body. A healthy mind and body go hand in hand, and our well-being depends on maintaining this balance between emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. If this balance is upset, it disrupts our body’s natural harmony and leads to ill health.

Balancing the Types of Exercise is Key

This is where brisk walks, yoga, strength-training days mixed with rest days come into play.

We suggest this schedule:

The Mode 8 Yoga and Fitness - 21 - Day Kick Start to Detox

Monday: Yoga