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Detox. The Process of Cleansing and Restoration

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We want to show you how to gently prepare yourself for detox, how to purify your body of the toxins that zap your natural energy and how to restore and renew your body!

Signs of toxic overload could be, dry blotchy skin, headaches, lack of energy, joint pain or generally feeling lack of energy, generally feeling under the weather. These may all be signs of your body has more toxins that it can handle. If this is you keep reading, you could benefit from giving yourself a good clean out.

Detoxing will help regulate sleep patterns and boost emotional well-being. It will increase vitality and with proper nutrition aids in weight loss.

The goal of a detox program is to reduce the workload of the digestive system, enabling it to perform more efficiently and to stimulate the parts of our bodies that are responsible for cleansing and elimination.

Let's Create an Internal Detox

It is important to look after the mind as well as the body. A healthy mind and body go hand in hand, and our well-being depends on maintaining this balance between emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. If this balance is upset, it disrupts our body’s natural harmony and leads to ill health.

Balancing the Types of Exercise is Key

This is where brisk walks, yoga, strength-training days mixed with rest days come into play.

We suggest this schedule:

The Mode 8 Yoga and Fitness - 21 - Day Kick Start to Detox

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Strength Training

Thursday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Friday: Warm/Hot Yoga

Sat: Strength Training

Sunday: Cardio

Monday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Tuesday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Warm/Hot Yoga

Friday: Strength Training

Saturday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Sunday: Meditation

Monday: Kickboxing

Tuesday: Warm/Hot Yoga

Wednesday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Thursday: Walk outside or OFF DAY

Friday: Warm/Hot Yoga

Saturday: Strength Training

Sunday: Cardio

This plan is a full commitment. For the next three weeks follow this plan carefully and take care not to take OFF days unless instructed to. Print this schedule and follow it closely. Then book the sessions to ensure dedication.

Repeat for 2-4 rounds for max results. Click for the schedule and online booking.

What about Foods and Drinks?

Keep a food diary. We want you to note down everything you eat drink, the times and approximately qualities. This is so that you can see progress and see what’s truly going on. Bring in your food journal to Mike or Christine for questions and recommendations.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Reduce tea, coffee, and sodas. Gradually replace them over the course of two weeks with herbal teas, fruits and vegetable juices plus water. I know what some of you might be saying. Vegetable juice has a lot of sugar. If you do not have diabetes then this fruit sugar is ok, because it carries along all the fiber and vitamins to go with it. Simple sugars are the enemy.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet so that by the end of the two weeks you are consuming at least three portions of each every day.

Balancing Body and Mind

Daily – shower, exercise relation therapies (such as meditation, visualization, and deep breathing)

Weekly – exfoliation, facial, hand and foot massage.

Optimum health depends on having a healthy diet, fresh air, exercise, sufficient rest sleep, relaxation, managed stress levels, a clean environment, plus a positive mental attitude.

I want you to feel empowered to create the truest version of you!

The Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we should not be able to keep our minds strong and clear”.


Please let us know what you think about this blog, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Share this Blog if you know it could help someone you love.

- The Mode 8 Team

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