Can I just do Cardio?

Is it bad to just do cardio?

Sweating profusely on machines will give you results but it is not likely to provide everything that you are searching for when it comes to a lean and tone body! That is why your fitness program should include strength training and flexibility as well! That is why Mode 8 yoga and Fitness is such a great find.

Cardio exercise is essential to heart health! It burns calories and fat, reduces blood pressure cholesterol and blood sugar. Especially as we age, enough can’t be said about building total-body strength and fitness.

“However, routine strength training has proven to do more than just add definition. A Boston University study found that endurance training (such as running), when paired with weightlifting, reduced body fat and improved metabolic parameters like insulin resistance.

Further benefits include increased bone density, reduced risk of osteoporosis, improved balance, and reduced risk of chronic illness, increased bone, muscle, and tissue strength, decreased risk of injury and an easier ability to maintain healthy body weight”. (

What is Strength Training?

There is one thing you can count on, strength training is opposite of cardio. Many people think of the gym and the weight room with dumbbells and complicated machines. At Mode 8 Yoga and Fitness we include kettle bells, resistance bands and, your bodyweight. We have put together a program that is a total body / functional fitness program, that is sure to scientifically get you to your best body yet.

“Bodyweight exercises are valuable for a strength-training regimen for their effect on the muscles, but also their convenience. You can do classics such as push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and squats anywhere you have space, like your bedroom or living room, the park