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6 Steps to Make your New Year’s Intentions a Reality

1. Commitment Level - Decide on your commitment level. On a scale of 1-10, what commitment level are you? 10 is the highest commitment level, and 1 the lowest of commitment levels. What is your commitment to your New Year’s Intention? 1-10 __?

2. Plan - Get a plan of action. Write it down. What does week one, two, and three look like, or what does month one, six, or 12 look like? We suggest getting a journal/diary/schedule book to help create a plan that sticks.

3. Why - Why are you doing this? Ask yourself why is this important to me, and why and why again! Go seven layers deep to find your true why?

4. Report to - Find someone to report to that will help motivate you and keep you accountable. Tell that person your goals and what you want to achieve, then meet with them every week or every month for 10-30 minutes. Whether it is in person or on the phone, make the time with your accountability partner.

5. Surroundings - When it comes to our surroundings, it is important to change the surroundings that are not of the right influence. By changing our surroundings we will change habits, then create new ones. The right ones. New habits can help you or hinder our goals. So, what surroundings could we encounter to help become your best self yet?

6. Future Date - What’s your future date of achievement? Do you have an end date in mind? It take as little as 21 days to create a new habit. So, write down YOUR desired date in your planner, and keep it in mind throughout your entire journey. The future date will help launch your vision of success!

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