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Flow for Stress Relief with CG

This class is invigorating and all levels!

Mode 8 Workout with Johnny 

Total Body Workout and Cardio Kickboxing in one!

Beginner Flow with Bethany

Find balance and strength in this energetic class! 

Mode 8 Workout with CG

Kick butt and work on gluteus max!

Quick Cardio Kickboxing 40 Minutes with Johnny 

This Total Body Workout is awesome! 

Yoga Thunder

30 minutes with Heather

Yin Yoga + Meditation with Christine

Audio Only*

Gentle Flow with Bethany  

After this session do a 5 min savasana, and a 5 min mediation! 

Find a comfortable quiet place and listen to this class and visualize your energy. 

Find a quiet place to Practice, and enjoy this 30 minute class!

Mode 8 Workout with Johnny - ALL Kickboxing 

Hot Thunder with Heather!

Yin Yoga Audio ONLY*

Mode 8 Workout with CG & Olympia

Flow with Heather

Simple Yin to Balance Energy 


Splits with Bethany

Beginning Yoga with CG

Foundations Yoga with CG

Yoga Flow with Heather

Total Body 

Foam Roll Recovery with CG

Awaken to Yin with Jhanizs